F2F Design at Business Meetup at Barco, Belgium

Innovating for a better future

We are happy to invite you to the 
1st Face to Face Meetup 2022
hosted by Barco & Mediahuis in Belgium

June 21 - 23, 2022

Time to meet again, in person to exchange ideas and enjoy our collaborative journey to understand new challenges in innovation and explore new approaches to work on these challenges.

1. European Design at Business Meetup with people from many different countries

Inspiring Talks - Co-Creation Sessions - Networking

We aim to look ahead in a positive spirit, collaborate on some of the bigger challenges humanity is facing and innovate for a better future. But what design challenges are most urgent and now need most attention? And how to best work on such challenges? What new approaches and tools would help to collaborate and be creative together?

After 3 years meeting via Zoom and Teams, Barco and Mediahuis invited our community of innovators and change makers to meet in person. In this first physical meetup, we will have inspiring dialogues about innovation at Barco and Mediahuis. We will discuss up-coming design challenges. Often societal challenges that need systemic change. And we will have workshops, to further explore how to best work on such challenges, leverage our design thinking skills and develop new approaches that allow to make a bigger impact, leverage collaborative innovation and create a better future.

Last Step for innovate innovation - Co-Create Session


Tuesday June 21st , 1:00 pm


Thursday June 23rd, 2:00 pm


Barco HQHangar K in Kortrijk (Belgium)

We are foreseeing hybrid ( on-site and online sessions ) for specific blocks to allow a larger community to re-connect.

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Tuesday, 21 june 2022

13:00 Arrival at Barco, Kortrijk

13:30 Introduction & outlook on DatB

14:00 Foresight; Design challenges that require systemic change

15:00 Barco Experience Tour

16:00 Keynote from CDIO Barco & CDO Mediahuis

(Open for online participants

18:00 Fun Event

20:00 Dinner

Wednesday , 22 June 2022

9:00 Arrival at Barco HQ Kortrijk

9:15 Innovate Innovation

Intro; How to work on systemic change

10:00 Innovate Innovation

Ideating new approaches & tools

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Innovate Innovation

Making new approaches & tools tangible

16:30 Innovate Innovation

Sharing & Reflection

17:00 drinks and small snack

17:30 Innovate Innovation 
Exploring new approaches & tools

(Open for online participants)

19:30 End of workshop

20:00 Diner

Thursday, 23 june 2022

09:00 Hangar K , Kortrijk

10:30 Presentation Ecosystems Kortrijk schools

11:00 Innovating innovation – Rediscovering new approaches & tools

12:00 Story Mediahuis

13:00 Lunch and Closure


Below are nearby hotels which if asked, provide Barco pricing. 

Square Hotel  99 Euro,

Parkhotel: 102 Euro, 

Messeyne: 135 Euro,  

Hotel Damier: 99 Euro,


Lunches and drinks are offered by Barco and Mediahuis, diner we will foresee democratic places and should be covered by yourself.

For member

This Meetup is for members only, if you are not a member yet, please register as a candidate member first.

Our Hosts in Belgium

Heino Schaght