Transforming from the inside out - Meetup at SAP

The next Design at Business Meetup in Europe is happening on Nov 28-29th at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg, Germany. In the two days, we encourage design-minded change makers to share their transformation story, get inspired by external experts to shape the Future of Work, and scale Design Thinking in our organizations through knowledge sharing.


Scaling people-centric innovation in a large organisation takes a lot, and often starts with a transformation on the individual level: viewing a situation through the eyes of the affected people, accepting that "you don't know it all", and need to work and lead inclusively across silos to achieve better results. It also takes courage to stand up for a more human way of working, and demonstrate its business value.

The Meetup lays emphasis on the transformation through people-centric innovation in different dimensions: from individuals to teams collaborating in a more human way, and transforming their environment from the inside out. We want to make a humanised Future of Work tangible through real world stories by inspiring change makers.

Besides time for networking, our program consists of:

  • Inspirational talks from experts on topics like self-managed teams, psychology of change, and dealing with failure.
  • 12-minute talks: Short talks about transformation through Design Thinking.
  • Working Groups sharing knowledge and results from co-creation throughout the year: Jobs to be done & Skillsets of a Design Thinker; Humanizing the Digital Transformation; Impact of Creative Space; New Leadership Experience; UX, DT & Agile; Facilitating DT formats and teams; and an open slot for your challenge.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth // Roth Institut // The Cerebral Side of How Minds Work 
Why are so many changes failing? People do not change their behavior even if they say they will. To understand this behavior, it is necessary to have a more in-depth look how these processes work in our brain. To work on people-centric innovation in a large organization, this is a strategic basis to be successful. 

Tanja Oberst // Deutsche Bahn // Digital Dinner: A New Approach for head Hunting at Deutsche Bahn
Digital Dinner is a fun event at Deutsche Bahn where applicants and managers come together on an eye-level as participants in a design thinking workshop. It gives both applicants and managers – the chance to get to know each other authentically than in a classic job interview achieved through creative interaction between the candidates and hiring managers. 

Mathieu Menet // LEMO // On the Road to Innovation Culture 
Corporate leaders are often frustrated by the lack of results of their innovation effort. While their companies are full of rooms with business model canvases, sharpies, and sticky notes, they’re still struggling to have a real “culture of innovation.” Why? Simply because most of what is considered "innovation culture" is in fact "innovation theater." During this talk, LEMO’s innovation lab manager, Mathieu Menet, will share his experiences on how his team created an innovation culture by building on the strength of their collaborators. 

Stefan Kollmeier // Lufthansa // Collaboration in full trust
Humans are expert storytellers and story listeners. We even have a whole region of our brain dedicated to stories. But how do you tell a coherent and creative story for 60 minutes straight in collaboration with several other people? What if you don’t have a script? And what if you are not allowed to rehearse your story or even talk to each other before you enter the stage to tell it? Welcome to the world of improvisational theater. 

Gerhard Pfau // IBM & Jochen Guertler // SAP // Creating sustainable corporate design thinking cultures in large corporations
Adopting design thinking requires people to change the way how they are working. Therefore when introducing design thinking in large corporations the culture of the company changes. Jochen Guertler (SAP) and Gerhard Pfau (IBM) show the path of design thinking adoption in their companies and share experiences and best practices of what worked well and what pitfalls to avoid.

Alyssa Berger // Daimler // Daimler’s Leadership 2020 and Swarm Organization
The world is changing at top speed. In order to stay as successful in the future as we have been in the last 130 years, we need a change –a cultural change towards a new leadership culture. That’s why we started “Leadership 2020”. With this initiative we develop our new leadership and business culture at Daimler. The process of Leadership 2020 is already a part of the result. The working style is different: Agile and participatory. Self-organized and diverse. Global and co-creative. Transparent and virtual. One focus topic is the so-called “Swarm Organization”: It’s about a new working model – the establishment of agile, cross-functional, self-organized and hierarchy-free teams with hands-on decision power. A working model that will help us to succeed in an ever more dynamic and changing business environment.

The detailed agenda can be found in the invite and on the registration page.


This Meetup is most suitable for:

  • Leaders of design-led innovation teams in medium to large size corporations
  • Individual contributors working in medium to large enterprises who practice the art of human-centered design, Design Thinking, agile management with a user focus, Google design sprints ... daily
  • Please no consultants, start-ups, or academics - sorry!

This event is by invite only.

Price: free. Sponsored by SAP.


November 28, 2017

November 29, 2017