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Do we need to


Design thinking?

Global summit
may 28-30 Amsterdam

Catalysts unite! After the successful conference of 2016 in Berlin, it is time to come together again. This time, we would like to use our platform to talk, discuss and work on the question: Do we need to innovate Design Thinking?


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Design Thinking is dead according to some. At the same time, design thinking seems to be a hotter and more visible topic than ever, with a growing number of academics studying it, consultants mastering it, and more and more large enterprises committing to and collaborating on it.

Design thinking is no longer only applied to design products. Has the complexity of the challenges increased?

We work on disseminating the thinking on design thinking, on deploying it and on refining the tools. But what is new? If design thinking helps companies stay relevant, then how does design thinking itself stay relevant?

Join us for an interactive program of inspirational talks and workshop sessions where we will apply design thinking to design thinking. We will explore the future developments in business and society and what these mean for design thinking as an approach within large enterprises globally. Thus setting the topics design thinkers need to work on to better solve the future challenges of large organizations and society.


Listen. Learn. Discuss. Get inspired. 


The conference features a balanced program of inspirational keynotes and hands on workshops and aims to end with a concrete answer to the question: Do we need to innovate design thinking?  See the agenda for more details.


Time Agenda Item Speakers Location
13:00 Welcome and registration   Design Thinking Center
14:00 Opening and setting the scene Maarten Rincker & Huub Waterval Design Thinking Center
14:30 Workshop: What challenges are out there for design thinking? - Part I Moderated by Philips Design & DTC facilitators Design Thinking Center
15:30 Keynote: Innovative risk management and strengthening 'Resilience’ in a changing world Maarten van AalstRed Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Fleur van MonassoRed Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Design Thinking Center
17:00 Break   Design Thinking Center
17:30 Keynote: How artificial intelligence will change the future of work Anna KoivuniemiMcKinsey Design Thinking Center
18:30 Dinner   Design Thinking Center
19:30 Keynote: How governments face societal challenges Marco SteinbergSnowcone & Haystack Design Thinking Center
20:30 Logistics for next day Maarten Rincker Design Thinking Center
20:45 Workshop: What challenges are out there for design thinking - Part II Maarten Rincker Design Thinking Center
21:00 End of day 1   Design Thinking Center


Time Agenda Item Speakers Location
8:00 Breakfast   Philips
9:00 Opening Maarten Rincker Philips
9:15 Keynote: De-mystifying Design Thinking; a look at the past and the possible future Alexander GrotsBashiru Philips
10:00 Transfer to Breakout Sessions    
10:15 Breakout Session 1: Experience Design Joy MountfordFord
Sonja RadenkovicTomTom
Jan-Christoph ZoelsExperientia
Paul GardienPhilips
10:15 Breakout Session 2: Organizational Design & Theory U Christine WankGenerative Facilitation Institute
Mito MiheličViessmann Werke
Frits WilmsenGenerative Facilitation Institute
Jochen GürtlerSAP
13:00 Lunch    
14:15 Breakout Session 3: Design Thinking 2.0 – Design Research and Innovation for Transformative Practices Prof. Dr. Ir. Caroline HummelProfessor TU/e
Dr. Arch. Ambra TrottoRISE interactive
14:15 Breakout Session 4: Leading Design – Thinking, Doing, Being Prof. Philipp ThesenStrategy and Design Leadership Consultant
Prof. Jan-Erik BaarsStrategy and Design Leadership Consultant
17:15 Case study: Remote collaboration Mural Philips
17:30 What to innovate in Design Thinking? Maarten Rincker
Ulrich WeinbergHPI
Joy MountfordFord
Walter BaetsProfessor Emeritus University of Cape Town
18:30 Logistics for next day Maarten Rincker Philips
18:45 Social program   Philips
19:45 Dinner    


Time Agenda Item Speakers Location
8:00 Breakfast   Design Thinking Center
9:00 Opening Maarten Rincker Design Thinking Center
9:05 Keynote: How Cocreate helps Philips to create value Sean CarneyPhilips Design Thinking Center
9:50 Keynote: Design Thinking - Scaling in large organizations Ulrich WeinbergHPI Design Thinking Center
10:35 Break    
11:00 Workshops: How to innovate Design Thinking? Christof ZürnDesign Thinking Center Design Thinking Center
13:00 Lunch   Design Thinking Center
14:00 Design at Business: Working groups Maren Christin HueblSAP  
14:15 Keynote: From Design Thinking to Re-Invention Christina TaylorCreaholic  
14:45 Define innovation initiatives for Design Thinking Maarten Rincker & Christof Zürn (Moderation)
Sean CarneyPhilips
Andreas HauserSAP
Joern BruekerNestle
Christina TaylorCreaholic
Design Thinking Center
15:45 Wrap up Maarten Rincker Design Thinking Center
16:00 Closure   Design Thinking Center

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