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Design at Business is a global community connecting design-minded changemakers working in more than 150 large enterprises. We accelerate Design Thinking as a people-centric innovation approach across companies by connecting the catalysts.


THE NEXT generation of

Design Thinking and Doing

Design Thinking practitioners are often the catalysts for cultural transformation and people centric innovation: a key differentiator for companies to stay relevant in a fast changing business world. The change makers behind this
transformation adopt people-centric behaviors, and gather a lot of experience on their journey that mostly stays in their organization. Design at Business connects the catalysts and leverages their knowledge - to accelerate organizational change.


A Global Community of

like-minded Changemakers

Design at Business, a cross-company network was founded in 2010 in order to accelerate Design Thinking as a people-centric innovation approach. It connects changemakers from more than 150 large companies around the world: to learn from each other, co-create best practices and new approaches. Outcomes are used by members to leverage and scale shared knowledge.


Benefits for the

community members


Gain insights from other large enterprises on how they scale Design Thinking


Learn from experienced leaders which design-led strategy worked for them, and which didn't


Our meetups are for large enterprises only and hand-picked external experts


Learn faster through peer-exchange and cross-company training experiences

Result oriented

We go beyond talking, and work towards tangible outcomes


How we


It’s not about titles, sales or shiny successes – we share real stories and learnings by connecting design-minded changemakers of the enterprise world. Our events are made to foster an open and honest dialogue at eye-level about real content. They are a platform to pitch and further develop new ideas. We can work jointly to create new solutions with peers who have the same challenges – hands-on, and iterative.



WHAT we do

We offer community driven activities in Europe, Asia and North America:

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What are the

members saying?

"The community has connected me with deep practitioners in the innovation space who are at the cutting edge of scaling design thinking within the enterprise. We share lessons about designing better products and better companies. Its about process and people. Execution and education. Outcomes and organizational design. Some of these leaders have been at it for decades. Hearing those lessons learned allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants!"

Mark Rogers, Design Strategist,
Fidelity Labs

"Design at Business is a great opportunity to extend my professional Design Thinking Network. In every event I am able to gain new insights how other multinational corporations are setting up their Design Thinking activities and how they are dealing with various challenges to bring customer insights to business impact."

Dr. Bettina Maisch, Senior Key Expert Consultant,
Siemens Corporate Technology

our founding & Contributing


Design at Business is only possible because of the passion and commitment of individuals. These people are part of a large organization that sees a value in contributing to the community. Because of the time and energy provided by all of our partners, enables the network to grow.

Let us introduce our founding partners followed by our contributing partners that are sponsoring this network:

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