Meet the European Chapter

Coming together and joining forces from all over Europe, we stand for human-centered-design and cultural diversity!

The European community has the potential to connect up to 44 countries and 24 languages, and already today we represent various nations under the DatB banner. We work for multiple-sized organisations, such as large corporations and universities, or are entrepreneurs ourselves. This vast variety is our superpower and uniqueness. 

Our diversity is one of our key differentiators and important enabler for innovation. Why? Because due to our different backgrounds, we always bring in new perspectives, question and learn from each other and by this we create an environment that is not rigid but offers conditions where creativity and something new can emerge from. 

Shared mindset and innovation methods

What unites us is our mindset, our values and our drive to innovate for a better future. We are passionate about thinking ahead and innovating innovation to develop new ways to tackle our current and most pressing challenges. That’s why we come together on a regular basis to join brains and working power. In our community meetups, we meet each other at eye level, with open hearts and minds, and we share and talk openly and honestly about our experiences, success stories and most difficult challenges or failures. We appreciate our different perspectives and build common bases for taking further action to bring our discussions and thinking into the world through joint projects or initiatives. 

When working together, we apply a variety of innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup or other creative or agile approaches, and adapt and transform those for future trends, business and human needs.

Regular meetups and platform for exchange

Since the first hours of Design at Business, many of us proactively took action to host a community meetup, a training or an innovation workshop in their companies to bring the community together and to offer a platform for exchange. 

In person meetups like the ones at Philips, Nestlé, Deutsche Bank or Steelcase, as well as online formats like the Collaboration Circle. 

Furthermore, high professional competence building and skill-up programs for different levels of experience are part of our activities, like the Innovation Coach Certification Program, Social Innovation Programs or the Coach Camp, organized and hosted by different members of the community.  

Our Core Team

Joern Bruecker - DatB Co-Founder & Chairperson

Joern Bruecker
atB Co-Founder

& Chairperson

Joern Bruecker - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Christine Wenzel - DatB Program Lead Social Project

Christine Wenzel 
Coaching & Consulting
DatB Program Lead 
Initiative for Society

Christine Wenzel - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Wiebke Piekarowitz - DatB Executive Member

Wiebke Piekarowitz 
DatB Global Brand Manager

Wiebke Piekarowitz - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Sabine Muth - DatB Executive Member

Sabine Muth 
Business Consulting, Coaching & Beyond

DatB Collaboration Circle

Sabine Muth - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

John Wai Lam - DatB Program Lead Future Trends

John Wai Lam 
State of Culture
DatB Program Lead

Future Trends

John Wai Lam - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Guy van Wijmeersch - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Heino Schaght 

Heino Schaght - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Tim Reischmann
Tim Reischmann - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Anis Hachem - Nespresso

Anis Hachem

Eric Pretty 

Activities 2022

Previous activities

How to Design Thinking - 3 Day Workshop in Frankfurt/Germany

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