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We are a network of thought leaders from corporations across industries and size who aim to foster a human-centered, design thinking approach in organisations to help them innovate and grow. We offer a platform for exchange, sharing of experiences, inspiration, collaboration, co-creation and learning so that like-minded innovation experts who share the same principles can come together and create impact, not only in their organisations, but beyond. Our diversity enables us to understand different perspectives and ways of working and, moreover, offers the possibility to learn from real-world innovation practitioners and to draw from the experience of a highly professional network.

Joern Bruecker - Co Founder & Lead Design at Businesss

Joern Bruecker

DatB Lead & Co Founder

A diverse serious of operational exposures over 20 years in Nestlé has shaped Joern to become a recognized and valued multicultural inspirational leader. Joern Bruecker has designed with his passion for impact the global Innovation Methodology program at Nestlé. A program which provides innovation as a service and startup principles into the organization. He champions through the program an innovation ecosystem, energizes the mindset of intrapreneurs while establishing a transformative innovation culture. As innovation and IT specialist he connects the dots from strategy, business and technology trends, and drives digital transformation experiences across businesses. Joern’s passion is to enable meaningful human centered innovation concepts and services through design-thinking inspired methodologies. As an experienced facilitator his visionary mindset supports to unleash inventiveness and imagination to co-design innovative business models, enabling people and organizations to exchange and cooperate across borders. He is one of the founders and leads of the Design at Business Community. He is a strategic innovation research partner at the Politecnico di Milano program IDEALS as well at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute and advisor at the dt4b (Design Thinking for Business) which is an International Research Platform where his broad innovation methodology expertise, his innovative open mind, inspirational speeches and joint projects are highly perceived.

Joern Bruecker - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil
Maarten Rincker - Co Founder Design at Business

Maarten Rincker

DatB Co Founder

A creative mind at business, a designer at heart who is trained at the Technical University in Delft, Netherlands. He worked for multiple companies and organizations and led very different aspects of innovation, design and marketing. Over the years, he specialized in the strategic aspects of innovation and up-stream marketing, helping teams and organizations to set directions for new activities or find new directions for existing ones. He is an expert in creative collaboration, helping people to integrate very different points of view and create a better situation together.

Maarten Rincker - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil
Christine Wenzel - Business Coaching & Consulting

Christine Wenzel


Christine Wenzel - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil
Wiebke Piekarowitz - Strategic Webdesign - Stuetzpunktbuero

Wiebke Piekarowitz


Wiebke Piekarowitz - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

Sabine Muth - Business  Consulting

With a vision to broaden the understanding of what is possible, Sabine is dedicated to inspire and empower businesses and individuals to unlock their potential and get beyond. She supports clients across countries and industries to transform approaches to work, shift mindsets and create a more agile, creative and innovative working environment and inspiring culture. With her work, Sabine has emerged as a thought-provoking organisational developer, systemic coach, trainer and facilitator who offers business consulting and coaching in strategy, innovation, organisational development & transformation. She puts a strong focus on agile and self-organizing approaches, innovation methodologies such as design thinking, lean startup, business model generation and acts as an advocate for customer experience management.

Tobias Haug

Tobias Haug

DatB Co Founder 

Over the last 16 years, Toby Haug has gathered international experience in a broad variety of fields – from zoology, consulting, software design, and management. As Head of Humanizing Business Initiative he currently leads a highly-networked initiative within SAP, a global enterprise software company, with the purpose of amplifying the human aspects of business and turning culture into a competitive attractor. He is also a passionate evangelist of modern management principles which place a high value on adaptive teams, self-driven organic structures, strategic improvisation, and creative flexibility.




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