We are proud and happy to welcome our new chapter in South Africa

Executive Member and Chapter Lead

Joern Bruecker - DatB Co-Founder & Chairperson

Ulrich Meyer-Höllings
Chapter Lead
South Africa

Joern Bruecker - Design at Business Core Team - LinkedIn Profil

What are you most passionate about?

"That we are able to create a more humane counter-narrative to the prevailing “singularity” story of our futures by tapping into a plurality of voices from across the world."

What qualities makes you unique?
"My defining qualities would be optimism, curiosity, empathy, energy and listening skills - still figuring out how unique they are."



Why is innovation important to you and why do you want to do it here at DatB?

"We need radically better ways of working and looking at business role in society if we are to thrive on this beautiful planet - that will only work with innovation powered by design mindsets."

What is your commitment to enable DatB?

"I commit to curating, hosting, facilitating and harvesting meaningful conversations between progressive minds that seek to find solutions to our most pressing issues."

The South Africa opportunity

  • Exploring emerging practices of human-centered design in a uniquely complex societal context
  • Understanding technology leapfrogging behaviour e.g. mobile first design ecosystems
  • Providing unique springboard for piloting new ventures at the intersection of established and emerging markets
  • Understanding impactful corporate responses to social problems through responsive and responsable design practices
  • Unpacking public-private design and innovation partnerships  
  • Community-based, collaborative design approaches ”designing with” vs. “designing for”
  • Inspiration from innovation leadership in areas like financial services e.g. banking and insurance
  • Design & Innovation opportunities in the context of the UN SDG’s

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