3rd Collaboration Circle - Experience Design
Collaboration Circle · 04/19/2022
May 18th - Join our 3rd Collaboration Circle on Topic: Experience Design! We've invited inspirational guest speakers to talk about the experience they've built for their clients, and we'll take a behind-the-scenes look at how they work and what they do to bring the experience they offer to life.
F2F Design at Business Meetup at Barco, Belgium
June 21st -June 23rd - Time to meet again, in person to exchange ideas and enjoy our collaborative journey to understand new challenges in innovation and explore new approaches to work on these challenges. We are happy to invite you to the 1. Face to Face Meetup 2022 hosted by Barco & Mediahuis in Belgium Sign up now!

2 Views on why Innovation Consulting is a must have strategic contribution in your Organisation
Business Insides · 03/28/2022
Internal Innovation Consulting is boosting a differentiation and competitiveness. IT Business Innovation is not a ‘nice to have’ activity, but a must have strategic contribution to accelerate differentiation efforts. Innovation consulting expertise strengthens innovation capabilities by providing the right innovation tools, methodologies, and skills for mastering continuous innovation.
4 reasons why you should consider strengthening Innovation Expertise & Services internally in your organization
Business Insides · 03/22/2022
Building and keeping innovation consulting activities inhouse has several key benefits. Certain aspects of innovation support can and should be managed internally. Retaining the innovation capabilities as highlighted in the framework for consistent innovation, inhouse provides an organization the advantages that:

6 Insights on how to provide a framework for consistent innovation in organizations
Business Insides · 03/16/2022
Aligning innovation requirements and business goals, fostering innovative behaviours and employee experiences, and establishing an innovation ecosystem for effective co-innovation and business agility. A framework for organization to design better products and for innovative leaders to unleash an inventive culture which can build better products.
Cascading effect - Changing the mindset and understanding the bigger picture
Social Project · 11/30/2021
"Especially if you change your mindset, you start believing in yourself more, rethinking problems and development. It is like a cascading effect. I went from Design Thinking, new ways of Design Thinking, brainstorming, learning more techniques, and storytelling ...

Applying the mindset - Understanding mindset and commitment to drive innovation culture
How can you bring an innovation mindset back to your business? Transformation within the Nespresso Business and the personal transformation.
Revising Portfolios with Design Thinking
Discussion and brainstorm around the challenges and tips to creating portfolios for designers who work in larger organizations / design thinking in all its nuances and complexity

2. Collaboration Circle - DatB did it again, and it was great to be part of it.
Collaboration Circle · 07/05/2021
DatB did it again, and it was great to be part of it. The Design at Business European chapter executed its unique and insightful collaboration circle with a diverse group of experts in the field of purposeful human centred design.
Demonstrating the value of design in organizations
Session’s focus: How teams have demonstrated the value of design to their company leadership (and what has worked / hasn’t)

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