Managing global team of 90 researchers, UX and UI professionals and delivering end2end complex solutions to top leading service providers worldwide. Using the design thinking and user center techniques we created a methodology that enable us to help large businesses to leverage their business goals by creating creative solutions to existing pain points and customers’ needs. Having vast experience leading large teams through complex challenges that involved user center solutions in highly technical environment.

"A UX leader with more than 20 years of hands-on experience balancing considerations of users’ needs, technical limitations and business objectives. Planned and executed a wide variety of projects for all types of clients and markets, including international corporations and start-ups; B2B and B2C; finance, cyber-security, government, military, e-commerce, IT, telecom, insurance, health, education, social networks and advertising. Currently UX Lead in Nielsen Media, in charge of establishing a company-wide UX Infrastructure"


DatB Lead Israeli Chapter

user researcher and college lecturer with more than 15 years of industry experience mostly in large-scale enterprises organizations. Established and lead UX teams, lead user research activities and facilitated lot's of thinking workshops with SAP customers, partners, project teams, startups and non-tech organizations. Leading the Israeli chapter of design at business since 2018.

Design Manager at IBM cloud with Full stuck UX/UI capabilities and technical background, with 20 years of experience of problem-solving for B2B and B2C, Leading projects from problem statements to production with ongoing measurement and improvements. Certified Design thinking Coach and an experienced Google mentor.




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