Meet the north american Chapter

Helping every member realize their potential to inspire and motivate others by creating transformation through a human centered approach.

Our goal is to share the collective knowledge we’ve gained in different industries (or domains) for transforming how we, as a society, work and live. We are responsible for creating meaningful outcomes and innovation from all organizational levels with thoughtful experiences. We do so by leading efforts based in human centered design methodologies with frameworks, mindsets, specific skills, and more. 

Our Core Team

Sally Lawler Kennedy
 DatB Deputy Chairperson

Shane Picciotto

DatB Chief Secretary

Bill Wittland - Communication Officer

Bill Wittland

Vox Strategic
DatB Communication Officer


Jose dos Santos


DatB Program Lead Skill-Up 

Leo Fishberg - Chapter Lead

Leo Frishberg

Athena Health
DatB Chapter Lead NA


Activities in North America



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