Global Design at Business Summit 2018 in Amsterdam

In May 175 catalysts from all over the world united to use our platform to talk, discuss and work on the question: Do we need to innovate Design Thinking? Design Thinking is dead according to some. At the same time, design thinking seems to be a hotter and more visible topic than ever, with a growing number of academics studying it, consultants mastering it, and more and more large enterprises committing to and collaborating on it. Design thinking is no longer only applied to design products. Has the complexity of the challenges increased? We work on disseminating the thinking on design thinking, on deploying it and on refining the tools. But what is new? If design thinking helps companies stay relevant, then how does design thinking itself stay relevant? The summit consisted of an interactive program of inspirational talks and workshop sessions where we applied design thinking to design thinking. We explored the future developments in business and society and what these mean for design thinking as an approach within large enterprises globally. Thus setting the topics design thinkers need to work on to better solve the future challenges of large organizations and society. Photos by Jason Terschüren. The event was hosted by Philips, together with SAP, Nestlé, Design Thinking Center Amsterdam, Mural and Design Management Network.