NATURA Digitization Journey

In this meetup hosted by NATURA, we had the opportunity to learn about the digitalization journey of the business and the incredible results that emerged through design. It was super inspiring!

Natura is one of the largest cosmetics companies in Brazil, born from two passions:

cosmetics and relationships. 

Luciano Abrantes started sharing this story that started back in 2012,

with people who just wanted to have a little more autonomy to change the app's logo without needing the approval of the vice presidency (it seems like a joke). They kept their guts to show the results little by little, until today, when the digital transformation was elevated to a much broader level of digitization of the entire business. The digital platform created through design, facilitates and increases the productivity of direct sales, in addition to offering a much wider range of relationship opportunities for beauty consultants.

Bárbara Villar explained the journey of adopting design in the company,

and how they are taking care of the people development involved in squads. Currently, there are squads to create new experiences for customers, new experiences for beauty consultants, new products. But how to organize all these initiatives and make the innovation spread consistently across the company? That is where a team of designers comes in, who under her leadership, define the best tools and methodologies, and make the magic happen, always looking for multidisciplinary teams, collaboration and a focus on quick results.

Do you think it's over? No!

They also guided us on a tour of the high-tech Distribution Center. After that, we brought the participants together to discuss common problems and challenges such as ensuring the safety of people in risky environments, adding sustainable values to the communities surrounding the companies, leveraging design in large companies, and also attracting more designers to the rigid corporate environment.