Is it all about

Design at Business is a network of change makers accelerating Design Thinking as a people-centric innovation approach across large enterprises worldwide. The network connects Design Thinking practitioners from large enterprises to learn from each other, co-create a set of shared best practices and new approaches. Outcomes are used to leverage and propagate Design Thinking in their own organizations. Despite belonging to different companies from around the globe, members get the chance to meet regularly face to face in a trusting environment, e.g. in the form of regional Meetups, training sessions and an annual global summit.


we work

Throughout the past years, we have learned quite a lot about how we want to work together. These are our core principles.

We, not they

We share the same challenges when it comes to adopting design-led innovation to our organizations. No matter what your job title is, and no matter what might differentiate us – we want to talk at eye-level, and don’t want to create any artificial silos of "we" versus "they."

Content, no sales

We want to talk about common topics and challenges, and don’t pitch our products or services. Design at Business is not a sales platform.

Hands-on participation, not consumption only

We take our challenges seriously, and there is always a lot to do. At Design at Business, we roll up our sleeves and work together, instead of just listening to each other, nodding, and then going back home or work.


We are looking for people who are actively transforming their organization, applying Design
Thinking or other people-centric approaches, and share their learnings. It’s not about making yourself shine – it’s about what you learned, what has worked well, and also what didn’t.


If members of the network benefit from it in a specific way (e.g. by visiting other companies, inviting others to speak to their management), we want to hear these stories! Share them back - this is what keeps us alive!


should you get involved

We provide various platforms and formats for organizational change-makers to easily exchange about successes, failures, best practices, and impact of adopting a design-led innovation approach in their companies. Design at Business creates value on an individual level as well as for large enterprises.


Find peers who share the same challenges and work jointly on solutions through small working groups

Learn from experienced Design Thinkers through connect and share events

Drive the next generation of DT in large businesses by leveraging best practices for new approaches

Gain insights and new inspiration for daily work and challenges


Learn faster and accelerate the adoption of Design Thinking and Doing

Develop and train people by creating joint learning experiences

Grow Design Thinking strategically and sustainably

Establish thought leadership in design-driven innovation culture across companies

Create new models for co- innovation across companies