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Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm in joining the Design at Business Community! We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you, your commitment to adopting people centric innovation approaches, and the value you bring to the Design at Business Community.

You can qualify yourself for being invited to our activities by being recommended from an active member. Just ask your contact person to make a short introduction to Deepa or Maren.

Why is this important? 
Our onboarding journey is designed to curate a community of design-minded change makers: people who actively apply Design Thinking or similar approaches to their business challenges, work in large enterprises, and are passionate as well as committed to driving the topic further. We build connections in a trusting environment with like-minded people, and active members know best who else fits to our group.

Give before you take
We encourage members to contribute to the community, and not only benefit from it. Everyone chooses the amount of time he or she can invest and gets guaranteed or a flexible access to the core group in return.

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Strategic Design Consultant at SAP


Community Strategist & Design Thinking North America,
SAP Design Palo

Katriena Koedam-Wiersma

Design Thinking Content Specialist,

Hyun Lee

Senior User Experience Design Specialist,
SAP Design Palo