1. Global Virtual DatB Meetup 2020

The DatB Network which we started in 2010 as a way to foster a human-centered, design thinking approach in organizations across companies was represented by its 5 key chapters from Europe, North America, Israel, Brazil and India. Each of the 5 DatB chapter shared their activities, insights and learnings while fostering the next level of collaboration across borders and organizations. In addition, the Global DatB Core Team which intensively worked on evaluation and optimization of DatB offerings, structures, ways of working and our business model for the past 8 months shared a preview on lesson learned and upcoming was forward.

Key Note and Panel round exploring the Future of Innovation

Based on the key-note “Future of Innovation”, provided by the principle analyst at Forrester Research, Dan Bieler, who gave an inspirational perspective on how businesses can improve their transformation efforts regarding their innovation capabilities against the macro-trends that we see in the European job market. A panel discussion evolved on those insights with Andreas Hauser, SAP, together with Maarten Rincker from Philips and Sara Roversi the president of the future food network. 

Panel discussion

Sabine Muth
Sabine Muth

Together with all DatB meet-up participants, 8 diverse breakout teams went off with the opportunity to connect and share while building a SWOT analysis on what they see as key challenges in digital experiences as a medium to scale global  collaboration. Each of the 8 breakout teams shared openly their individual key findings with a consensus on the increased possibilities for more open innovation with a strong base on human needs and required balanced well-being technical experience.  

Joern Bruecker - Co Founder and Chairperson DatB lead the discussion
Joern Bruecker - Co Founder and Chairperson DatB
Omer Nahshon - Chapter Lead Israel
Omer Nahshon - Chapter Lead Israel

Thank you all for this great collaboration. Together we are looking forward to strengthen the future of human centered design😊

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