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Meetup · 09/09/2020
Dear all, it’s amazing how the idea of organizing a Global Virtual Meetup was brought to life! Thank you all for this great collaboration. Looking forward to many more successful meetups 😊
Certification Program · 02/23/2020
Die 3 wichtigsten Bausteine, um innovative Produkte für Kunden zu bauen. Dieser Erfahrungsbericht zeigt, wie Design Thinking dabei hilft, die richtigen Lösungen zu finden und wie dieser Prozess sogar Silo- und Unternehmensgrenzen durchbrechen kann. Die wichtigsten Elemente beim Einsatz von Innovationsmethoden im Überblick.

Certification Program · 02/10/2020
…aren’t you already a Design Thinking Professor?”, my former boss asked me when I reported that I will join the Design Thinking Coach Education of Nestlé. Last December I graduated and here are my reflections on the value of the program for me and for the Design Thinking community. By Timo Sackmann
Meetup · 11/03/2016
Design at Business connects large enterprises in order to learn from each other, co-create new approaches, and grow design thinking. In order to accelerate the learning process and scale a people-centric approach across large companies from various countries and industries SAP initiated Design at Business in 2010. After 5 years of regular in-person meetups the community took a huge step forward in 2016 and grew from 20 to more than 120 companies from around the world.