What a year! DatB Brazil 2020 Retrospctive

When we founded the community in March 2019, we didn't know exactly how far it would go, but when the pandemic arrived in mid-April 2020, the expectation was that we would not be able to go much further. However, the numbers show a very different reality. In a year which the protagonism, collaboration and adaptability to change spoke louder, Design at Business delivered great results that will now be shared with you. 

The generosity of those who contributed to the community and the willingness to learn from all members who joined us were essential to keep this community alive.


This is for you, for your company, and for our country. We hope to contribute even more in 2021.

A few numbers about the Brazilian DatB chapter

+200 Innovation leaders from business, digital and IT areas within large companies join:

5 virtual meetups

6 skill-up sessions

6 working teams

+60 companies connected

+100 people impacted

Brazil Virtual Meetups 2020

5 virtual meetups to share experiences and learn from each other

Brazil Skill-Up Sessions 2020

6 virtual skill-up sessions to discuss what is working and what is not

Brazil Co-Creation Teams 2020

Single-Use Plastic

We know that single-use plastic is harmful to the environment, but what can we do about it? This team seeks to raise people's awareness and map small actions that make all the difference. Large companies have already engaged in this cause. Now we need to ensure that employees working from home understand how to contribute and motivate family and friends to join us.

Life Design

There are several training and mentoring programs provided by large companies for young black people, but many are unable to

commit enough to seize the opportunity. One of the main reasons is that they don’t see a

better life coming out of it. This team is working to adapt the methodology from the book Design Your Life to help them envisioning the future, overcome the challenges keep engaged.

Supplier Monitoring

Large companies are monitoring suppliers according to socioenvironmental criteria, will it be possible to join forces and reduce operating costs from a collaborative monitoring platform? This team is studying

this hypothesis. If proven, they will start designing and testing the solution.

Design at Business Brazil at Social Media 2020




Thank YOU! 

See you in 2021