Collaboration Circle

The collaboration circle started 2021 and is a format that offers a platform for Design at Business members to meet and connect at eye level on a regular basis, both in person and virtually.

It‘s the place where members come together to:

  • Share and talk openly and honestly about their experiences, success stories and most difficult challenges or failures
  • Learn about new topics, get inspiration and impulses
  • Ideate and prototype new ideas, methods and approaches
  • Work on and drive defined topics or projects and act as thought leaders
  • Come together to have a good time and have fun


Staying connected, keeping the community alive and fostering exchange and learning about the latest and greatest topics and developments on a regular basis is the core of DatB.

Only by providing opportunities to join our hearts, brains and hands we can make an impact that counts.

Upcoming Collaboration Circles

January 26th 2022, 5:00 - 8:30pm UTC+1

Chapter: All (Members only)

Topic: Design at Metaverse

Host: Tim Reischmann, Co-Lead New Work Academy | HR Digital & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom

Where: Metaverse Telekom Corporate Headquarters
using Microsoft Platform AltspaceVR

Language: English

RECAP- Past Collaboration Circle

October 27th and November 17th, 1:00pm - 2:15pm PST / 4:00pm - 5:15pm EST

Chapter: North America

Topic: How to Innovate in Chaos

Host: Amy Au, IS/IT Innovation Lead, IS/IT Innovation Lead

IT at Nestlé North America


Online Format

Language: Englisch

November 30th 2022, 4:00 - 5:30pm UTC+2

Chapter: Europe

Topic: Corporate Entrepreneurship

Guest Speaker: 
Prof. Dr. Bettina Maisch, Professor for Entrepreneurship at Munich University of Applied Sciences

Christoph Krois, Founder Siemens Innovation Ecosystem & Co-Head Intrapreneurs Bootcamp bei Siemens


Online Format: Speaker impulse, reflection, Q&A

Language: English

October 2022

Chapter: Europe

Topic: Neues von den Alten - Innovation mit Generation Baby Boomers

Guest Speaker: Anke Meyer-Grashorn - Owner at große freiheit

Online Format: Speaker impulse, reflection, Q&A

Language: German

5th CC - System & Design Thinking

September 2022

Chapter: Europe

Topic: Great Relationship: Design & System Thinking

Guest Speaker: Anastasia Serezhenova - Junior Innovation Product Owner at WEFRA LIFE

Online Format: Speaker impulse, reflection, Q&A

Language: English

4th CC - Design, Innovation and Leadership - DatB Exchange with Europe and South Africa

July 2022

Chapter: Europe & South Afrika

Topic: Design, Innovation and Leadership

Guest Speaker: 
Dr. Phumzile Mmope - Communications (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town SA) &
Ulrich Meyer-Höllings - Co-Founder ThirdSpaceAfrica (Cape Town SA)

Online Format: Speaker impulse, reflection, Q&A

3rd CC - Experience Design

Experience Design

May 2022

Chapter: Europe

Topic: Experience Design

Guest Speaker: 
Harald Moser, Ars Elecronica & Alexandra Zahn, Siemens Healthineers

Online Format: Speaker impulse, reflection, Q&A

2nd CC - Customer Experience

May 2021

Chapter: Europe

Topic: Customer Experience in a Customer Centric Company

Guest Speaker: 
Tim Reischmann, Telekom

Sabine Muth 
Business Consulting, Coaching & Beyond

Lead Collaboration Circle

  • Self-employed consultant and coach for organizational and personal development
  • Passionate about self- and organizational development and how to stretch beyond limits of imagination to create new realities and facilitate change and transformation to unleash greater potential